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Operated by tractor PTO has cutter bar reel, feeding auger and bruising cylinder like a traditional thresher. Straw has thrown and stubble left by the grain combine is collected by the straw combine and delivered to the cylinder concave section, where it is cut into pieces and passed through the concave. A reciprocating cutter bar is used for reaping the standing stubbles and the portion of the straw left uncut by the combine harvester. Straw, which passes through the concave, is aspirated by a blower and fed into a trolley on the rear side covered by a wide net. For recovering the left grains from the straw, a sieve system is provided below the concave. The tires fixed on the reel pipes push the straw of wheat crop left after combine operation towards the oscillating cutter bar after which the harvest straw reaches the threshing drum after passing Auger and guide drum. The wheat Straw gets crushed in very small pieces in the threshing unit. The product fine straw is sucked by the blowers and is then pushed towards the outlet pipe by the blower and which is collected in the Trailer fitted with wire mesh.

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