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Z10 Agriculture Drone

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Zerotech Carbon Fiber Guardian Z10 Agriculture Drone

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Guardian-Z10 – Agriculture Drone by ZEROTECH PROTECTING THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE WITH INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY Modular design for simple maintenance The GUARDIAN-Z10 has a modular design to allow for the quick removal and replacement of parts including jib-arms, the motor and the ESC. This makes disassembly, replacement and maintenance and easier and more affordable. Easy to use 3-in-1 remote control The 2.4GHz dual transmission remote control is designed especially for the GUARDIAN series. With the 3-in-1 remote, you can initiate take-off, landing and the return flight with the click of a button. You may also set patrol routes for the UAV on plotted land directly with the remote. Portable, spherical body design The GUARDIAN-Z10’s jib-arms have a transverse, foldable design and a compact structure. When jib-arms are folded, the UAV has a compact, portable spherical shape. This greatly reduces the need for transportation tools or accessories and makes it usable in a wide variety of working environments. Unique dual filter design, durable nozzles To reduce blockages in the nozzles from pesticide impurities and insoluble particles, the GUARDIAN is designed with a unique dual filter. Additional filters create greater protection, making the durable nozzles last even longer. High operational efficiency with a cross-shaped body structure The GUARDIAN has a cross-shaped four-axis structural design ideally suited to crop spraying. The GUARDIAN avoids spray duplication on the same areas and has a wide spraying range, making crop spraying even and effective. With a rated load of 10kg, the surface area covered in one trip is approximately 2.5 acres. It has ten times the working efficiency of artificial sprayers.

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