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Agriculture Spraying Drone 610

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Agriculture Spraying Drone 610

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Foldable Structure Nova is easy fold-up design is convenient for delivery, assembling and transportation, without weakening the original structural strength. The fold-up design can decrease 80% of the using space. We have a lot of different frames for your options. And we can also provide customize service to design new frames. Regional-planning mode User can select the operation area on APP, and set operation distance, flight speed, altitude and other information. 410 will automatically fly back and forth according to the specified distance and traverse the entire area to complete the work, and the land operation is more convenient. Break Point Continue To Spray When detect the following signals such like the secondary battery alarm, low dose alarm, losing ground control signal, one key to return, 410 will automatically shut off the water pump, and make the current point as the continued point to spray. By the function of 'one key to return', UAV can fly to the continued point to restart operation, which ensures the continuous operation of plant protection.

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